Expand Into New Asset Classes

oneZero Technology supports trading of leading asset classes within a single operating environment. By expanding the range of products available for trading, brokers can increase trading activity from existing clients and attract new clients as well.

Expanding into a multi-asset broker using oneZero solutions leverages the vast network of liquidity providers already connected via oneZero Routing Technology. This enables a broker to source optimal liquidity for each product from a range of top providers and roll out new products quickly.

For brokers there is no extra technology to add. oneZero Routing Technology enables trading of FX, metals, commodities, CFDs, futures and other margin trading products. Our comprehensive operations support futures rolls as well as corporate actions, including dividends, stock splits, and reverse splits that apply to equity-based CFDs.

Expand and diversify through multiple asset classes including:

  • Foreign exchange
  • Metals and other commodities
  • Equity indices and single stock CFDs and other margin trading products

oneZero’s multi-asset class offering enables brokers to configure liquidity providers and spreads by individual product. Further, it is fully integrated with leading post-trade processors, to support prime brokerage integration, back-office integration, regulatory reporting through our ARMS Broker Analytics.